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About Us

Organic Food Delivery London Ontario

Welcome to Pack Road Country Meats, a London based food service that delivers to your door top quality meat and seafood from reputable, established farmers and fisheries.

Wild Canadian sustainable fish and shellfish from pristine north Pacific waters are from one of Canada’s top award winning BC fisheries. Just over ten years ago the fishery began selling directly to chefs and is now one of the top suppliers of west coast fish and shellfish to celebrity chefs across Canada and USA. Pack Road Country Meats is one of only three companies across Canada that can sell these products directly to the public.

Nearer to home, we provide a wide selection of Naturally Raised meat and poultry from a group of 3rd generation local farmers that adhere to traditional farming practices. We have found that it is the caring connection of smaller family-run farms that ensures freshness, quality and great taste. All poultry and livestock are raised in humane conditions with outdoor access and are not given hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to providing our customers with the most competitive prices for premium products.  The fish and shellfish are shipped overnight from the west coast and all shipping costs are built into the prices.


Freshly Frozen

Delivered To You

All orders can be delivered to your home or office. All products are picked up each week from the different farmers and stored in commercial grade coolers in the back of the delivery vehicle during delivery.

Custom Orders

If you are interested in something not listed -- let us know. Our partners operate as full service butchers with a range of available products including seasonal and specialty items.



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