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About Us

Organic Food Delivery London Ontario

Welcome to Pack Road Country Meats, a London based food service that delivers to your door top quality meat and seafood from reputable, established farmers and fisheries.

Wild Canadian sustainable fish and shellfish from pristine north Pacific waters are from one of Canada’s top award winning BC fisheries. Just over ten years ago the fishery began selling directly to chefs and is now one of the top suppliers of west coast fish and shellfish to celebrity chefs across Canada and USA. Pack Road Country Meats is one of only three companies across Canada that can sell these products directly to the public.

Nearer to home, we provide a wide selection of Naturally Raised meat and poultry from a group of 3rd generation local farmers that adhere to traditional farming practices. We have found that it is the caring connection of smaller family-run farms that ensures freshness, quality and great taste. All poultry and livestock are raised in humane conditions with outdoor access and are not given hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics.


Naturally Raised Meat & Poultry 

At Pack Road Country Meats, we believe that family owned operations have a greater stake in their animals and their land.  We carry meat and poultry from some of the region’s finest family run farms that adhere to traditional farming practices.                                         

Until a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to raise livestock in crowded factory settings, artificially boosting the animals’ weight by giving them a daily ration of antibiotics or collecting liquefied manure in polluting waste lagoons. Unfortunately, these have become common agricultural practices.

Traditional agriculture represents the original method of farming that developed through the interaction of social and environmental systems. This method involves the intensive use of local knowledge and natural resources supporting biological diversity by means of alternating practices (various farming methods and crop rotation). 

We work with local farmers who are committed to raising healthy livestock and poultry by treating the animals humanely and following traditional farming practices by creating a free-range environment where animals are free to roam and express their natural instinctive behaviors. Antibiotics and hormone growth promotants (HGPs) are never used and supplemental feed is 100% vegetarian with no animal by-products or fillers. Our farmers use sustainable farming methods and follow a land management protocol designed to protect the environment. Many of these best management farming and ranching practices have been used for generations.

Wild Canadian Waters Seafood

At Pack Road Country Meats, we only work with fisheries that comply with sustainable fishing methods and are Ocean Wise Certified. Being Ocean Wise certified ensures long term health and stability of each species as well as the greater marine ecosystem. This certification also protects the consumer from mislabeling of species and origin, so you know exactly what you’re getting and where it’s coming from. 

One of our favourite fisheries is an award-winning BC fishery owned and run by local fishermen who fish in the same North Pacific waters as generations before them. A few years ago they began selling directly to chefs and are now one of the top suppliers of west coast fish and seafood to celebrity chefs across Canada and USA.  They are a leader in sustainable fishing methods and this past summer David Suzuki requested to ride along on one of their fishing vessels during Vancouver's famous Spot Prawn season. Pack Road Country Meats is one of three companies across Canada that can sell their products directly to the public. 

The fisheries we work with either flash-freeze the fish directly on the fishing boats (the only acceptable method for sashimi grade fish) or immediately place shellfish in computer controlled aqua-tanks that are built to simulate the ocean environment which means they are alive when they arrive at the plant for processing (very important for optimal flavour and freshness). All seafood products are individually packaged and flown direct from BC to Pack Road Country Meats by overnight air.

All fisheries and processing plants meet the standards set by provincial and federal inspection agencies. The fish are tested regularly using standardized testing methods and mercury levels are well below the acceptable levels as outlined by regulatory food and safety boards.  This is because the albacore tuna (the only fish for which mercury is an issue) are harvested as younger three and four-year-old fish which translates to the lowest risk of contamination. 

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to providing our customers with the most competitive prices for premium products.  The fish and shellfish are shipped overnight from the west coast and all shipping costs are built into the prices.


Freshly Frozen

Delivered To You

All orders can be delivered to your home or office.  Just indicate the desired destination under the shipping address.  We will confirm your order by email once it is received and then we communicate again by email when your order is ready to be shipped.  

During this time, we ask that you leave an appropriate sized cooler or cooler bags on your front porch.  Our delivery driver will place your order safely into your cooler and then knock on your door to let you know it has arrived.  We even watch to make sure you retrieve it before we drive off.

Please understand that during the Covid-19 pandemic, if you live in an apartment building or condo complex, our delivery driver is not permitted to enter the building to deliver your order to your door.  Under these circumstances, we are asking those residents to meet our driver at the front of the building entrance, with a cooler bag.  The safety of our customers and our staff will be our priority for all deliveries.

Custom Orders

If you are interested in something not listed -- let us know. Our partners operate as full service butchers with a range of available products including seasonal and specialty items.



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