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Beef and Poultry Overview

Meat & Poultry: Two Options

At Pack Road Country Meats, we believe that family owned operations have a greater stake in their animals and their land. Recognizing that the organic certification process can be cost prohibitive (and in some cases redundant for multi-generational farmers) we also carry meat and poultry from some of the region’s finest family run farms that adhere to traditional farming practices. Read below to learn more about these great farmers.

Naturally Raised

Until a few decades ago, it would have been unthinkable to raise livestock in crowded factory settings, artificially boosting the animals’ weight by giving them a daily ration of antibiotics or collecting liquefied manure in polluting waste lagoons. Unfortunately, these have become common agricultural practices.

Traditional agriculture represents the original method of farming that developed through the interaction of social and environmental systems. This method involves the intensive use of local knowledge and natural resources supporting biological diversity by means of alternating practices (various farming methods and crop rotation). 

We work with local farmers who are committed to raising healthy livestock and poultry by treating the animals humanely and following traditional farming practices by creating a free-range environment where animals are free to roam and express their natural instinctive behaviors. Antibiotics and hormone growth promotants (HGPs) are never used and supplemental feed is 100% vegetarian with no animal by-products or fillers. Our farmers use sustainable farming methods and follow a land management protocol designed to protect the environment. Many of these best management farming and ranching practices have been used for generations.

Certified Organic

All organic meat and poultry have been raised on pastures totally clean of any chemicals, without the use of antibiotics, hormone growth promotants (HGPs) or any other synthetic chemicals. All animals are free range and supplemented only with non-GMO certified organic vegetarian feed, no animal by-products or fillers. The animals have grazed and foraged for their own feed and have grown at nature’s pace. Our farmers care about the earth and environment and ensure that all animals are treated humanely.

The beef and chicken are Black Angus and are picked up fresh each week for you.