s Pack Road Country Meats/London Ontario Naturally Raised Home Delivery
We are delivering 7 days a week and our shop is open from Wednesday to Saturday each week.


November 2022

Just about everywhere you look, prices are rising, services charges are being added, fuel surcharges are stacked on to your costs.  We want you to know that we are NOT changing our prices or adding in any additional costs.  We have held our pricing for the majority of this year and plan to continue holding the line for you.  


April 1/22

Delivery fee for an order under $100 is $9

Delivery fee for an order above $100 is back to $5

(Not an April Fool's Joke!)


March 9/22

We have maintained our pricing at the lowest levels but with the rising cost of gas, we need to modify our delivery fees until further notice.

The delivery fee for an order under $100 is $10

The delivery fee for an order above $100 is $7

Thank you for your understanding.



We are going to keep our store ... customer free at this time.  Based on the size of our area inside the front door, we prefer to keep both our customer base and staff safer by not allowing foot traffic inside the shop.  We will continue with our online and call in ordering system.


We have two OPTIONS for you available so we can continue to supply your family with our same great quality:

A)  Order online at www. packroadcountrymeats.com and we will deliver it to your cooler or cooler bag outside your home usually by next day (or you now have the option to select "Local Pickup" if you prefer to drive to us)

B)  Call the store and give your shopping list to Don the Butcher.  We just need your name and phone number.  All of our items are listed under the "MENU" tab and you can see the large variety of offerings we normally stock for you.
Once your order is ready, we will call you to give you the total price and you can eTransfer the payment to 

You can now also pay by debit or credit when visiting the shop for your pickup.  

The regular business hours of our shop for pickup are, Wednesday thru Friday (9:00am - 5:30pm) and Saturdays (8:00am - 5:30pm).

When you arrive, we can place your order outside the shop for you to take home.  We will mark your name on your order and place it on our bench. 

#thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our local butcher shop


1.  How do I sign-up to receive the weekly newsletter?

That one is the easiest for us.  Simply click on the "sign up" red button located at the bottom of our page and we'll get you registered to use our online ordering.

2.  Is there a membership fee to join?

Not a chance!  Signing up is free.

3.  Are there minimum orders each week that you will accept?

Absolutely not but the majority of our loyal customers choose to order a 2 to 3 week supply for their freezer, however you can also order in larger or smaller quantities.

4.  When will I receive my first order?

Simply place your online order and we will be in touch to arrange your convenient personal delivery.

5.  How does the payment process work?

We take payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or we accept PayPal or e-Transfer.  All of your credit card information will be protected by a secure encrypted file.

6.  When do I get my invoice?

You can check out by yourself and choose whatever payment option you like.  You can also generate an invoice for your purchase at that time.

7.  What if I'm truly unhappy with an item in my order?

We will be happy to issue you a full credit immediately.  You should be thrilled with your purchase so please let us know if you feel we haven't met your quality standard.

8.  I would love to order this product but don't see it on your list?

Feel free to drop us a quick note and we'll see if we can get it for you.

9.  How do I order each product?

Every product we have is priced by the unit or weight.  For some products you will have options to select from based on their near approximate weight.  For example, you can order a delicious Rib Eye Steak as Small (10oz), Medium (12oz) or Large (14oz).  Each option size will be priced differently.  This way, you can custom order your shopping bag to suit your needs.  Also, each product will have additional details to make it easier for you to shop.

10. Is there a delivery fee?

We try to keep our delivery fees at a minimum if you choose not to visit us in store.  Just $4 and $6 for orders under $100.  We bring it freshly frozen to your door!  

11. What time will you deliver?

We are currently delivering on the day it is most convenient for you.  The bulk of our deliveries are made next day but we aim to please.  Our shop is open for call in orders Wednesday thru Saturdays with a safe curbside pickup option.   We also deliver 7 days a week.

12. Can I request a specific delivery time?

Absolutely you can request it and we'll do everything we can to accommodate.  Please note that we do try to optimize our delivery route each week to help reduce the amount of carbon to the environment.  We would be happy to give you an estimated time of delivery if you ask us. 

13. Do I have to be home to receive delivery?

That's the best part!  On delivery day, please leave an appropriate sized cooler on your front porch.  If you aren't home, we will place your order in the cooler.  You might want to include a few ice packs depending on the season.  You can also leave us special delivery instructions (cooler in garage, with a neighbour, at the security desk of an apartment, etc.)  If you want us to send you a text when your order arrives, all you have to do is ask.

14. Do you deliver to condos and apartment building and offices?

For sure!  Just let us know how and where and leave the rest to us!  

15. Where do you get your meat, poultry and seafood?

Pack Road Country Meats poultry, meat and seafood is worth getting passionate about.  We have individually selected our suppliers based on quality, taste and commitment to organic, traditional farming practices and sustainable fishing methods.  We only sell food that is Certified Organic, Naturally Raised or Ocean Wise Certified.  All of our meat and poultry is local and freshly frozen.