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Meat & Poultry - Naturally Raised Farmers

Naturally Raised Farmers

It begins with a select number of local, traditional farmers who share our belief that only a healthy life in a natural environment can produce exceptional tasting meat.

Pack Road Country Meats works with local farmers who are committed to raising healthy livestock and poultry by treating the animals humanely and following traditional farming practices. These farmers believe in creating a free-range environment where animals are free to roam and express their natural instinctive behaviours. Antibiotics and hormone growth promotants (HGPs) are never used and supplemental feed is 100% vegetarian with no
animal by-products or fillers. Our farmers use sustainable farming methods and follow a land management protocol designed to protect
the environment.

Many of these best management farming and ranching practices have been used for generations. 

One of our favourite farms has been in the same family for more than three generations. They dry age their beef for a minimum of 21 days and have the highest standards of quality. The family works with other small, local farms that are run by farmers who share similar traditional farming practices. 

Certified Organic Farmers

Pack Road Country Meats works closely with Field Gate Organics to also provide organic meat options. If certified organic is what you are looking for, we've got you covered. 

They are audited and monitored by PRO CERT, a federally appointed organic certification organization specializing in meat and poultry.

All organic products from Pack Road Country Meats are freshly frozen and individually vacuum sealed.